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ABSYNTHE: Abstraction, Synthesis, and Integration of Information for Human-Robot Teams

Alonso, José María; LeBlanc, K.; Ocaña, Manuel; Ruspini, E.
Year: 2012
Type of Publication: In Proceedings
Book title: International Workshop on Perception in Robotics, IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium
Pages: P14.1-P14.6
ISBN: 978-84-695-3472-4
ABSYNTHE is an interdisciplinary project coordinated by the European Centre for Soft Computing (ECSC), in cooperation with the Robotics and e-Safety (RobeSafe) research group of the University of Alcala (UAH). On one hand, researchers from ECSC will apply their strong background in soft computing techniques, data analysis, and information integration in order to develop concepts and algorithms which enable the generation of qualitative object descriptions, easily understandable by humans. These descriptions will then be integrated into coherent high-level representations of situations, intentions, and plans. On the other hand, researchers from UAH, with their expertise in service robotics, will develop the testbed environments required to evaluate practical applications of the project, such as 3D mapping based on cooperative anchoring for safe autonomous navigation, and quick deployment of rescue teams in emergency situations.
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