Robotics and eSafety Research Group

University of Alcalá

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Publications In Collection



Year: 2012

  • J. M. Alonso, C. Castiello, M. Lucarelli and C. Mencar. "Modelling interpretable fuzzy rule-based classifiers for Medical Decision Support". R. Magdalena-Benedito, E. Soria-Olivas, J. G. Martínez, J. Gómez-Sanchis and A. J. Serrano-López eds. IGI Global. 2012. pp. 255 - 272. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]

Year: 2008

Year: 2007

Year: 1999

  • J. C. García et al.. "Human-Machine Interfaces and Sensorial Systems for an Autonomous Wheelchair". IOS ed. 1999. pp. 272-277. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]

Year: 1998

  • J. C. García et al.. "An Autonomus Wheelchair with a LonWorks Network based Distributed Control System". Alex and . Zelinsky eds. 1998. pp. 405-410. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
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