Robotics and eSafety Research Group

University of Alcalá

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The eSafety Research Group of the University of Alcalá has developed monocular and stereo video processing supporting functions for driver assistance and eSafety-related applications. Achieving deep road scene understanding is key for providing really useful driving support, preventing accidents, and mitigating their effects to the maximum extent.

The applications targeted by the eSafety Research Group are divided into Forward Looking and Side Mirror Applications, In-Cabin Applications, and Autonomous Driving. Our goal is to carry out the transfer of this technology to the Automotive and Road Maintenance Industries, a task that the eSafety Research Group has been actively performing in the last years.

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# Article Title Author Hits
1 Autonomous Driving - Autonomous Navigation 1420
2 Autonomous Driving - Lane Keeping 1353
3 Forward-Looking and Side-Mirror Applications - Blind Spot Warning System for Motorcycles Carlos Fernández 1510
4 Forward-Looking and Side-Mirror Applications - Blind-Spot Vehicle Detection 1348
5 Forward-Looking Applications - Adaptive Cruise Control and Forward Collision Warning 1666
6 Forward-Looking Applications - Lane departure warning 1928
7 Forward-Looking Applications - Light Beam Controller Luis Miguel Bergasa 1587
8 Forward-Looking Applications - Pedestrian Detection and Protection Systems 1654
9 Forward-Looking Applications - Perimetral Vision System Luis Miguel Bergasa 1392
10 Forward-Looking Applications - Visual Odometry for Navigation Assistance 1694
11 In Cabin Applications - Face Tracking and Pose Estimation with Automatic 3D Model Construction 1491
12 In-Cabin Applications - Assessment of Driver Distractions based on Gaze Direction Luis Miguel Bergasa 2948
13 In-Cabin Applications - Driver Recognition Luis Miguel Bergasa 1177
14 In-Cabin Applications - Occupant Monitoring System Luis Miguel Bergasa 1120
15 In-Cabin Applications - Sleepiness Detection System for Drivers Luis Miguel Bergasa 1460
16 In-Cabin Applications - Smart Airbag Luis Miguel Bergasa 1205
17 Road Infrastructure Inspection - Automatic Monitoring of Traffic Signs 1518
18 Road Infrastructure Inspection - Traffic Signs Recognition System Miguel Ángel G. Garrido 1355
19 Smartphones Applications - DriveSafe App Luis Miguel Bergasa 2363