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A GPS with artificial vision for blind wins 3M Award for Innovation in Safety

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The proposal of Pablo Fernández Alcantarilla and Luis Miguel Bergasa is the development of a system of location and navigation assistance to enable the guiding of a blind person in structured indoor environments and in outdoor environments using a GPS and machine vision sensor fusion.

The goal is to provide the user with greater autonomy and security while browsing, as well as localization errors. The system indicates the path you must follow to reach a destination using acoustic information obtained through a voice synthesizer.

3M Awards for Innovation Foundation celebrated its thirteenth edition. It has four categories: Health, Safety, Industry and Environment.

The award for the category of Health has been awarded to a team of researchers from the Autonomous University of Madrid, while the Security and Industry have gone to researchers at the universities of Alcalá and Oviedo, respectively. The category of the Environment has been unsuccessful.

In the area of Health, the winner has been called "innovative therapies for the sequelae of hemorrhagic stroke: prospects for cell therapy with allogeneic stromal cells". The authors are J. Vaquero, L. Otero and M. Zurita, Department of Surgery, Autonomous University of Madrid.

In the area of Industry, the winner was "Design and fabrication of a robotic platform for promotion to posts and data acquisition with wireless remote control." Its author is F. J. Álvarez González, under the coordination of tutors J.M. Sierra Velasco and J. Diaz Gonzalez, all of the Polytechnic School of Engineering of Gijón (University of Oviedo).

A GPS with artificial vision for blind wins 3M Award

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