Improvement of the Segmentation in HS Sub-space by means of a Linear Transformation in RGB Space

Blanco, Edward R.; Mazo, M.; Bergasa, Luis M.; Palazuelos, S.; Awawdeh, A. B.
Year: 2007
Type of Publication: In Collection
Book title: Innovative Algorithms and Techniques in Automation, Industrial Electronics and Telecommunications
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Editor: Sobh, Tarek and Elleithy, Khaled and Mahmood, Ausif and Karim, Mohammed
Pages: 125-130
ISBN: 978-1-4020-6266-7
Note: 10.1007/978-1-4020-6266-7_23
This paper presents an alternative that allows to improve the color image segmentation in the HS sub-space HSI space. The authors propose to apply a zero order transformation in the RGB space which consists in adding a vector in the RGB space to control the separation between classes in the HS sub-space. This vector is considered optimum. To define it, the chromatic C1C2 sub-space YC1C2 space) is used. The proposal presented in this work has been designed to be applied in real-time on each consecutive frame of a sequence of color images. The effectiveness of this work has been tested and verified using applications where a reduced contrast between the background color and the color of the object to segment exists, and when the size of the object to segment is very small in comparison with the size of the captured scene. Furthermore, the process of segmentation is improved and, at the same time, the effects of the variations of the light intensity of the scene are considerably reduced
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